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A Trip to Chocolate World

Chocolate World
Lange Elzenstraat 123
2018 Antwerpen, Belgium
Hours:  Monday – Thursday 9.00 – 18.00
Friday 9.00 – 17.00 • Saturday and Sunday closed
Yesterday my friend Jessie Lewis (owner of Jessie Lewis Cooking School) and I went to Chocolate World in Antwerp.  Chocolate World is the place to go in Belgium for professional chocolate making supplies.  Located in the southern part of  Antwerp, this giant warehouse is divided into two parts.  The left side is dedicated to chocolate moulds and chocolate making equipment and the right side is all pastry and cake making tools and utensils.

A view of the walls
lined with chocolate moulds. 

Chocolate world makes, designs and sells over 1000 chocolate moulds. 


Jessie and I were both in the market for chocolate moulds.  I wanted to buy a mould of baby hearts and another of my signature champagne bottle mould. They had both. The best part about a visit to Chocolate World is trying out your new moulds when you get home. After the short drive back to Brussels I spent a glorious afternoon making chocolate.


My new baby hearts mould.


My favorite gift is to make a chocolate champagne bottle with a customized label.  This champagne bottle is a bon voyage gift for Jean and Joe who are leaving Brussels and moving back to the states this month.


  1. I bet you went crazy in that store! Love the chocolate champagne bottle with a customized label. What a great gift for so many occasions.

  2. I love chocolate champagne. I buy at least a bottle weekly, and i share it with my friends.
    It’s the best champagne i ever bought.

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