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Master Class with Ryan Stevenson

Last week Jessie Lewis and I had the honor of taking a private master class with Belgian Chocolate Master Ryan Stevenson. The theme of the class was how to use one primary ingredient to make several different kinds of chocolates. The primary ingredient we used for this lesson in creating recipes was peanuts. We made peanut ganache, peanut praliné, peanut caramel, and peanut marzipan. To round out the flavors we also made several raspberry fillings from raspberry pâte de fruit to a raspberry caramel.

Ryan Stevenson and Jessie Lewis going through the recipes

We made five different kinds of chocolates with peanuts as the featured ingredient. Here is a look at the peanut marzipan–one of my favorites.

Making peanut marzipan. And to think that most people just associate marzipan with almonds.

Cutting the marzipan on a guitar

The finished peanut marzipan chocolates with a pearl accent. I love accessorizing my chocolates

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  1. Oh the ones with the pearls are so beautiful! I miss my Belgian chocolates! I have a few bars of my fav grocery store bar – cote d’or speculoos. I eat one or two squares a day – no more as I have to ration it!

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