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Launching Tempering Tips Tuesday

I’ll admit it.  I’m obsessed with tempering.  Tempering is that all important process of melting, cooling, and stirring chocolate so that its crystal structure breaks down and then reforms with the beta crystals being dominant.  This is serious chemistry in the kitchen.  And this chemistry  can be intimidating.

But, it doesn’t have to be.  Once you know the how and why of tempering, the chemistry involved turns into another cooking technique.

In my never ending quest to better understand tempering, I have been keeping a list of things to know and things to watch out for when tempering.  Such as the different methods for melting chocolate (double boiler or microwave) and the different ways to cool chocolate (seeding or on marble).  How you temper in hot weather and how you temper in cold weather.  The role and importance of using a thermometer and the joys of using an infrared thermometer.  All of these and more will be featured in Tempering Tips Tuesday  (yes, I do love a good alliteration).

Join me as I list out my tips and tricks for tempering chocolate.  There is so much to learn and discuss.  Don’t hesitate to join in and share your own tips and tricks. Together we’ll compile one great cheat sheet on tempering.

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