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Tempering Tips Tuesday –
The Seeding Method

The process of tempering consists of three tasks: 1) melting the chocolate, 2) cooling the chocolate, and 3) stirring the chocolate. However, it is how one cools the chocolate that seems to define the methods for tempering. This week we are going to address the most common and easiest method for cooling chocolate, the seeding method. This is where after the chocolate is melted, you add tempered chocolate to the melted chocolate to cool it and to aid in forming the beta crystals.

I am providing three types of resources on the Seeding Method. The first is a flow chart I developed that walks you through the seeding method. The second is two sets of instructions in words and pictures. The first is a very short but thoughtful description of the seeding method from Anita Chu’s Field Guide to Candy that was reprinted on Epicurious. The second comes from the Callebaut chocolate academy and are step-by-step instructions on seeding using Callebaut callets. The last resource is a YouTube video demonstration of the seeding method.








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