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Tempering Tips Tuesday – Infrared Thermometer


I knew I had to have one the minute I saw it.  I was taking a chocolate class from Belgian Chocolate master Ryan Stevenson.  While he was stirring a bowl of melted chocolate he took what looked like a square plastic gun from a holster on his waist and shot a red beam into the chocolate.  “Almost ready,” he said.  He had just taken the temperature of the chocolate without inserted anything.  Fast. Clean. Efficient.  I needed one.  I asked Ryan the price and he said his professional quality infrared thermometer with holster cost about 80 Euros.

For the rest of the class I keep coming up with reasons to try the thermometer.  I took the temperature of the room, the molds, even my scraper.   Now I could find out the exact temperature of the room; it is best to work in a room around 68 degrees.  Room temperature impacts how quickly chocolate cools during the tempering process.  I could also find out the temperature of my molds.  You don’t want to put chocolate in a really cold mold.  It is best to use molds at room temperature (no colder than 68 degrees). When I first saw Ryan take the temperature of the chocolate using the infrared gun I was intrigued.  After playing around with it I knew I had to have one.

That night I went on Amazon to see my options.  I found dozens of infrared thermometers ranging in price from $16 to $75 dollars.  I then started to read the reviews and found that some of the less expensive ones received outstanding reviews.  These less expensive options didn’t come with holsters, but I thought I could live without it.

Sometimes a kitchen gadget really does make a task easier.  I bought my first infrared thermometer about a year ago.  Now I can’t image tempering chocolate without one.

I should mention one drawback to purchasing the inexpensive thermometers.  I had to retired my first one after a year of hard use because it no longer was giving me accurate readings.  It may be retired from the chocolate business but it’s still going entertaining my cats.

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