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Chocolate Therapy Workshop at the Pediatric Lombardi Clinic of Georgetown University Hospital

On October 2nd I teamed up with the Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation to do a chocolate therapy workshop at the Pediatric Lombardi Clinic of Georgetown University Hospital.  Below is the write up of the event that appeared in this week’s Mattie Miracle Newsletter.

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Chocolate Therapy Workshop


On October 2, 2013, Mattie Miracle teamed up with Alexandria, VA chocolatier, Robbin Warner, and hosted a fun filled chocolate therapy workshop at the Pediatric Lombardi Clinic of Georgetown University Hospital. Kids of all ages and their parents enjoyed the event and it was wonderful to see smiles everywhere! The smell of chocolate filled the air, it was intoxicating, and set the tone for a tasty distraction for kids and families. Pictured with Robbin is Sonali, a five-year-old, who thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate making process. In fact, by the time she was finished Sonali had chocolate all over herself and was beaming while licking it off! Robbin introduced the kids and teenagers to the art and science of working with Belgium chocolate along with the key to melting and cooling it to form lollipops.
The kids had the opportunity to work with milk or dark chocolate, they got to form their chocolate into lollipops, and then they even decorated their creations with nuts, cranberries, or candies. All the lollipops were wrapped in a bag of their choice, including ribbon and stickers. The chocolate was such a hit that even after the workshop was over, the kids were still in the clinic playing and eating. A true sign of a successful workshop!

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