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Fun with Chocolate Workshop – Sat. Dec 10th – 10:30-2:30

Brussels, Belgium

Jessie Lewis of the Jessie Lewis Cooking School and I are offering a “Fun with Chocolate” workshop on Saturday, December 10th from 10:30 – 2:30.
Fun with Chocolate is designed to give you the opportunity to work with Belgian chocolate in a variety of formats. We’ll begin by working with solid chocolate dipping dried fruit. Then you’ll make mendiants and chocolate bars. The next group of activities will involve making pralines. We will make several different types of fillings and then pipe the fillings into classic Belgian chocolate moulds. After making all these chocolates, we will package them in typical Belgian ballotin boxes and decorate them with ribbons and decorating material.

The price is 60 euros per person and includes: 1) coffee and muffins when you arrive, 2) all ingredients and packaging, and 3) a light lunch.

The workshop will be held at the Jessie Lewis Cooking school in Everberg, a wonderful facility for this type of event.

If you are interested in registering for the “Fun with Chocolate” workshop, please email Jessie at jl

Check out my post about our November 28th Fun with Chocolate workshop.



  2. English is great. Is there likely to be a class this month or next?

  3. I’ll let you know when we schedule our next class. We offer the classes in English, but we can provide French translations if that would be easier for you.

  4. I’m also interested in classes in early 2012.

    Are the classes offered in Dutch, French, or English?

  5. Hi Robbin,
    I just read about your “Fun with chocolate workshop”.
    It’s too late to apply for this ws – as it is tomorrow.
    Will you and Jessie hold ws next year?

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