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Godiva Factory Outlet

Address: Jetteselaan 4, 1081 Brussels
Tel: 02-422-1-98
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm
Metro Stop: Simonis
Parking: Street parking
There is a Godiva outlet in the Koekelberg neighborhood of Brussels. The outlet is divided into two stores: one for Godiva personnel only and the other for the general public. You can find some good deals at the public outlet, but be careful because only select items are on sale. About half of the merchandise is still at the regular price. If you want a good deal, focus on the items that are clearly marked down. For example, on the day I was there 250 gram Sachet de pralines were on sale for 9.10 euros marked down from 13 euros.


  1. I am not the Godiva Factory Outlet. I merely wrote a review. If you would like to place an order you will need to contact them directly.

  2. I am interrested to buy some boxes of chocolate and pralines etc.. Is that possible to buy online from your Godiva factory outlet.

    I am in Lebanon I can send you the money immediately also our DHL account number.

    Waiting for your urgent reply
    Kind regards

    Adel Rizk phone +9613221340

  3. When you get to the Centraal Station, take Metro Line 1 or 5 (In the direction of Stokkel or Hermann Debroux) and get off at Arts-Loi/Kunst-Wet.

    Change to the 2 Line in the direction of Simonis (Leopold II). If you take Simonis (Elizabeth) by mistake, don’t worry; You arrive at almost the same place. You take the Metro to the last exit.

    I’ve attached links to two maps. One is the Brussels Metro Map and the second is a map showing the Metro exits and the location of the Godiva Outlet.

    Have fun. And while you’re in Brussels you might also want to visit the Neuhaus Outlet, also accessibly by Metro.

  4. If I go to Brussle from Leuven,when arrive central station,how can go there your shop?by which bus or which metro?

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