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Neuhaus Outlet



Address: Postweg 2, 1602 Vlezenbeek, Belgium
Tel: 02-568-23-10
Hours: Mon. – Fri. 9 a.m.-6 p.m. | Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
The outlet is open during the lunch hour.

All major credit cards accepted

For chocolate lovers the world over the name Neuhaus brings up images of exquisite chocolate from one of Brussel’s oldest confectioneries. For chocolate lovers living in Brussels these exquisite chocolates are available for bulk purchase at discount prices at the Neuhaus factory outlet store in Vlezenbeek.

1 kg of the same chocolate = 25 Euro
3 x 1 kg = 50 Euro

The outlet is a no frills shop: just chocolate and lots of it. It carries Neuhaus’ signature prepackaged gift boxes, but they are the same price as at a Neuhaus store. The real reason to go to the outlet is to buy chocolate in bulk.

Sampling the chocolates

Sampling the chocolates

In one area of the shop is a table with 1 kg boxes of pralines stacked up to 10 boxes high! You can circle the table and sample again and again until you decide what to buy. Other bulk options are the bags of one-bite chocolate squares.

This is a great place for presents. You’ll soon find that you’ve picked out several shopping bags of chocolate. Be sure to purchase some of the empty tins they often sell so you can make your own assorted packs from your bulk purchases.

There is plenty of parking for small and large groups. However, check-out can be slow since there is only one woman working at the register.

Bags of chocolates

Bags of chocolates

It makes sense that Neuhaus would lead the way with one of the first chocolate factory outlet shops; Neuhaus has always been a leader in chocolate innovation. Jean Neuhaus came to Brussels from Switzerland in 1857 and opened a pharmacy with his brother-in-law in Europe’s first covered shopping gallery, the trendy Galerie de la Reine, still an elegant shopping area today just down from the Grand Place. Neuhaus began by making pharmaceutical confections for coughing and stomach ailments. His son Frédéric joined his father in the business of making confections and eventually the business transitioned from a pharmacy to one of Brussel’s finest confectioners. In Belgium, there has always been a close connection between chocolate and health.

Frédéric’s son Jean Neuhaus Junior took over the business in 1912 and created the first filled chocolate, which he named “Praline.” His wife, Louise Agostini, was equally creative and invented a decorative rectangular box for her husband’s pralines called a “ballotin,” which is still the praline box design favored by Belgian chocolatiers. Neuhaus is one of the Belgium chocolate houses known the world over with shops in most European capital cities, the United States, Canada, Japan, Colombia and Guadeloupe.

Upon leaving the outlet and having sampled every kind of chocolate on display, one might wonder if it’s possible to eat too much chocolate at one time. Mais non! We’re in Belgium where chocolate is a way of life. Besides, the average Belgian eats 49% more chocolate than the average American so you probably have some catching up to do. Bon appetit.

[Last Updated: June 2013]


  1. J’ai acxheté 3 boîtes de 1 kg de Manon et de retour chez moi, je remarque qu’une boîte est incomplète.
    Que faire dans ce cas ?
    Merci de me tenir au courant

  2. Now a factory shop with promotions boxes at Maasmechelen Village outlet.


  3. We really appreciated the tip to this shop! We even told our hotel about it and they requested a copy of the information so they could check it out! My only suggestion would be bring coffee or water to drink on the walk back to the metro! Thank you again! Kim and Darren

  4. Just went there today and the prices have changed again. It’s 1 Kilo box for 20 Euro or 3 boxes for 40 Euro. Just want to let you all know.

    Nous sommes allés là-bas aujourd’hui et les prix ont à nouveau changé. C’est une boîte Kilo pour 20 euros ou 3 boîtes pour 40 euros. Je veux juste laisser vous le savez tous

    Net ging er vandaag en de prijzen zijn weer veranderd. Het is 1 Kilo doos voor 20 euro of 3 boxen voor 40 euro. Ik wil gewoon laten weten.

  5. Prices go up constantly. The variety is hit or miss really; last time we were there most praline fillings available were not much of our taste. (Referring to the bulk 1kg boxes only…)

  6. The large boxes are not full several times. Check when you pay.

  7. Have they increased their prices? I was there in August 2012 and it was 3x 1kg box for 40 Euro.

    Anyone have any suggestions on the best route by public transit from Midi station?

  8. 1 kg of the same chocolate = 25 Euro
    or 3 x 1 kg = 50 Euro

  9. 16 December 2012

    This is not really an “Outlet” – it’s simply a factory shop, and as such, the prices for pre-packaged assortments are not really that much different from normal shops.

    What can make it worth the trek are the chocolates that are sold in industrial-style brown cardboard boxes of one kilo, each containing a kilo of the same chocolate.

    HOWEVER, this factory shop does NOT stock empty Neuhaus boxes you can use afterwards to make your own assortments for gifts, NEITHER do they sell the small transparent plastic Neuhaus sachets.

    And at check-out they give you only one Neuhaus bag, no matter how many boxes of chocolates you buy, so again, making it difficult to attractively present your purchases afterwards…

  10. Since we are drving from NL I would like to know for sure if your store is open on Saturday of 8 Sep. 2012??

  11. Is the outlet open on Weekend? Saturday or Sunday ?

  12. Bonjour,

    Etes-vous ouvert actuellement donc durant le mois d’aout?
    L’horaire est-il différent durant les congés?

    D’avance merci pour votre réponse

  13. Just one update: now the bulk offer is 15 EUR/kg or 40 EUR/3 kg

  14. Just to let you know that the prices rose and that it’s now 20 euros for one box, 40 for 3 boxes

  15. Hi – are you open in week 28 and 29 this summer?

  16. Hi, does anyone know if the shop will be open on the week of July 23? Last year it was closed the whole week when I had my holiday in Brussels, I hope it won’t be the same this summer!

  17. Hi, we are going to Bruxelles in week 28 and 29 (08.07.12 – 22.07.12) and would like to know if you are closed. We went to visit you last year and came to a closed door.
    Looking forward to hear from you.

  18. Go to Erasmus / Erasme and then walk, it is not so far.

  19. Hi, I would like to ask is this outlet close to the metro station? I have searched it in google map but it suggests to take a taxi after leaving the metro station? many thank!

  20. The outlet is open on Saturday from 9h00 – 17h00. Enjoy your visit.

  21. We are back to Europe can’t wait to visit your outlet again. I callled earlier and got the message that your shop will be open on Saturdays. Since we are drving from Germany I would like to know for sure if your store is open on Saturday of 18 Feb. 2012?? Is your answering machine is up dated? See you soon.

  22. The only Neuhaus Outlet that I know of is in Brussels. Perhaps it is time to plan a visit to Belgium.

  23. I adore Belgian chocolate it is the best in the world. Unfortunately I can’t find Neuhaus in Canada :( Do you ship to Canada?

  24. Dear,
    Are you open on Saturdays, especially this weekend 25/Jun/2011.
    Thank you

  25. Thanks for your extremely good selection of chocolatiers bruxellois… i especially liked your walking tours 😉

    just a small info on the side : the neuhaus 1kg bulk now costs 15€ and 3x1kg 30€; but it’s still a bargain ! and their offers are also ideal for buying small gifts (if one does not care that they now sell in june the remaining christmas/easter specialities…).

    @saturday : i would say that it’s closes (at least the sign at the entry I saw this morning said so…)

  26. They are now open on Saturday. I recommend calling to confirm

  27. Crap, are they closed on Saturday? I wanted to go there and get lot of boxes..

  28. Probably not since it is a Belgian national holiday. That said, I suggest you telephone.

  29. Bonjour,

    Est-ce la boutique opned le 2 Juin 2011

  30. Oui. Ouvert Samedi 9-17h.

  31. Bonjour,

    Es ce que votre boutique ouvre ses portes le samedi?


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