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Grand Place Chocolate Shops

Posted by on Jan 7, 2012 in Chocolate Shop Reviews, Chocolate Tours in Europe | 0 comments

Have you ever wondered just how many chocolate shops are around the Grand Place? I have. This week I decided to find out. After walking down every road, alley and side street, I found 40 shops.You can see my list of shops and a corresponding map by clicking here.I have no doubt that this is the area with the highest concentration of chocolate shops in all of Brussels. It should be noted that some are multiple locations of the same establishment. But still, where else in all of Europe–maybe even the world–can you find so many amazing chocolate shops in one small area.

The map to the right has a link to the live interactive Google Maps version of my Chocolate Grand Place map.

View Chocolate Grand Place – Brussels, Belgium in a larger map
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New Review: Mary Chocolatier Confiseur

Posted by on Mar 28, 2009 in Chocolate Shop Reviews, Reviews of Chocolate Shops in Belgium | 0 comments

I just posted an expanded review of MARY Chocolatier Confiseur in honor of the opening of its new factory/workshop in Etterbeek.

The first lady of Belgian chocolates is Madame Marie Delluc who founded MARY Chocolatier Confiseur in 1919. In those early days, chocolate was still associated with pharmacies for its medicinal qualities. Madame Delluc changed the status of chocolate and made her chocolates a luxury item. She opened her shop strategically between the Brussels Palace and the Laeken Palace on Rue Royale and decorated it with the trendy style of the day–Rococo and Louis XV. Soon MARY Chocolaterie became the shop of choice of the Belgian elite. [click to read the full review]

Mary’s chocolates

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