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Chocolate Tour of Paris

Paris Chocolate Shops

Chick to visit interactive Google Map of shop locations

In January 2011 I took a French Macaroon course at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. As part of the course package, we received a list of culinary specialty stories. The resource list included a section on chocolatiers. I decided to visit the chocolate shops on the list and see what it takes to be a chocolatier in Paris promoted by Le Cordon Bleu.


On June 21, 2011, I decided to take a chocolate tour of Paris. I had from 10am until 3pm free, so my tour needed to fit within this timeframe. With good walking shoes, a fist-full of metro tickets, and my big Longchamp pilage bag for my purchases, I was ready to visit chocolate shops in Paris.  I wasn’t worried that the calories might mount up on this research project because this was a walking and Metro tour, which in Paris means lots of walking. With the Paris Metro, just because you enter a station does not mean you still don’t have to walk what feels like a kilometer to your train track.

I planned on visiting 5 shops on the list.  During my travels, I stumbled upon two more shops making a total of 7 shops visited.  Because I was going to do my travels by Paris by Metro I decided to organize the shops by arrondissement.   The first group was in the 2nd and 8th arrondissements and the second group was in the 16th arrondissement.


Jadis et Gourmande


49 Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 75008 Paris
8th Arrondissement
Metro: Franklin D. Roosevelt

On a side street near the Champs Elysées is a small chocolate shop that is a “must visit.”  Jadis & Gourmande is not the shop for delicate pralines, rather at this shop they specialize in making chocolate in life-size moulds. There are wallets made of chocolate, ties made of chocolate, and wine bottles made of chocolate.  All the moulds are life-sized and all remarkably real looking. Who cares how they taste, they look amazingly cool.





26 Place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris
8th Arrondissement
Metro: Madeleine

There are two colors that almost blind you when you enter Fauchon.  Pink and Black is everywhere at Fauchon, almost to the point of overpowering the chocolate.  There are two separate Fauchon stores.  One sells pastries and deli items.  The other store across the street sells chocolate, cookies and tea.  The chocolate shop also houses a tea room and champagne bar.  This is a store that never misses a pink and black branding opportunity.  But what about the chocolates?  Their signature series is moulded ganache and pralines that are numbered so one knows what filling lies within.  Cute concept. The store is at the top of the Madeleine Metro making it a very convenient stop.





30 Avenue de l’Opéra, 75002 Paris
2nd Arrondissement
Metro: Opéra

The one word I would use to describe Foucher is “cute.”  This is what you expect a candy store to look like with adorable boxes and fun little edible treats like colorful French macaroons.  The chocolates are all delicate and dipped.  I was delighted to find a large selection of caramel bonbons: mousse au caramel, praline caramel caramel cremeux, caramel lait, caramel noir, and , of course, the French classic of caramel au bieurre sale.



Jeff de Brugges


97 Avenue Victor Hugo 75116 Paris
16th  Arrondissement
Metro: Victor Hugo

The first shop I came across on my way down Avenue Victor Hugo was Jeff de Brugges.  This is a classically Belgian chocolate shop with 30 locations in Paris.  Jeff de Brugges shops are all franchises.  Does that make it the McDonalds of the fine chocolate world?



La Maison du Chocolat


120Avenue Victor Hugo, 75116 Paris
16th Arrondissement
Metro: Victor Hugo

This is a chocolate shop built with a gentleman in mind. The colors are brown and orange and you expect the smell of leather to be mixed with the chocolate.  There is nothing frilling here.  Just sleek lines, leather looking boxes, and lots of simple French dipped chocolates.



La Marquisane


168 avenue Victor Hugo, 75116 Paris
16th Arrondissement
Metro: Victor Hugo

What goes better with chocolate than coffee?  La Marquisane sells coffee, coffee merchandise and the chocolates to go with it.





184 Avenue Victor Hugo, 75116 Paris
16th Arrondissement
Metro: Victor Hugo

This is everything you would expect from a chocolate shop in Paris: frilly décor, and adorable boxes (you almost want to buy the chocolates just for the box), and a good range of treats: pralines, ganaches, Grignottines, and caramels. They also have special marron (chestnut)  bonbons.  They also have a lovely tea room.




  1. This is wonderful and so useful. Our next stop after Brussels is Paris, so we will be able to continue our chocolate adventures there. Thank You. B. Pelley

  2. I designed it myself. All you need is a list of addresses and you can design your own chocolate shop tour. Best of luck.

  3. Hi! I love what you’ve wrote here, it’s fantastic! I’m a sixth form student and I’m really interested in being a chocolatier when i’m older, and it would be really useful if you could tell me how you got on this fabulous France chocolate tour, it’s sounds so inspiring! :)

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